Watch Golf’s First Mannequin Challenge


The first mannequin challenge in golf was completed by the European Tour. Not only did they just complete it, they dominated it by including multiple scenes – starting in the dressing rooms and carrying it out to the greens.

Even golf clubs are participating in the challenge:

Will we see the PGA Tour attempt the mannequin challenge?

How to have the best mannequin challenge ever:
1. Have a good camera person: the smooth sweeping of the camera from person to person is critical and the more that can be explored, the better.
2. Have a unique scene: the better mannequin challenges seem to be the busiest scenes that the camera person explores section by section. The more staged groups of people, the more interesting the set it.
3. Be very still: just the slight movement or twitch can really kill the scene.
4. Boom: it’s viral.


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