Puma Golf 2017 Sneak Peak: Graham DeLaet and Rickie Fowler Share Pics and Videos

Puma Golf guys Graham DeLaet, Rickie Fowler, and Jonas Blixt leaked these photos and a video alluding to something big in 2017.

RIP Rickie’s mustache.

After DeLaet and Blixt were done talking about a “mustache pinata” and wearing fake mustaches, it was Rickie Fowler’s turn to fool around on his platform of choice: Snapchat.


It looks like Puma Golf has something in store for golf fans in 2017. The players reference a “shoot” so hopefully it’s more than just some stock photos of these guys in Puma gear.

UPDATE: Graham DeLaet found the mustache pinata, and took care of business.


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