“Classless” R&A Disinvites Two-Time Open Champion Greg Norman

Greg Norman 2022 LIV Golf-Portland
Greg Norman, CEO and commissioner of LIV Golf, smiles as he looks out at the driving range during day 3 of the LIV Golf Invitational - Portland at Pumpkin Ridge GC on July 2, 2022 in North Plains, Oregon. (Photo by Jonathan Ferrey for LIV Golf via Getty Images)

Two-time British Open champion Greg Norman has been disinvited by what many are now calling a “classless act” by the R&A,” ahead of their so-called ‘Celebration of Champions’ event at St Andrews.

The 67-year-old Aussie, who hoisted two Claret Jugs (1986 and 1993) during his iconic career, is currently the CEO of the LIV Golf series, the PGA Tour’s upstart rival.

In a statement that is almost assured to be used in pending and future lawsuits, as well as a current anti-trust investigation, the R&A flat out said Norman was not welcome:

1981 The British Open Greg Norman
Greg Norman hits a shot from the rough during a practice round ahead of the 110th British Open Golf Championship at Royal St George’s in Sandwich, Kent, England on July 15, 1981. (Photo by Popperfoto via Getty Images)

“In response to enquiries regarding the R&A Celebration of Champions field and the Champions’ Dinner, we can confirm that we contacted Greg Norman to advise him that we decided not to invite him to attend on this occasion.

“The 150th Open is an extremely important milestone for golf and we want to ensure that the focus remains on celebrating the Championship and its heritage. Unfortunately, we do not believe that would be the case if Greg were to attend. We hope that when circumstances allow Greg will be able to attend again in future.”

Norman told Australian Golf Digest: “I’m disappointed. I would have thought the R&A would have stayed above it all given their position in world golf.

“[It’s] petty, as all I have done is promote and grow the game of golf globally, on and off the golf course, for more than four decades.”

Phil Mickelson, the 2013 Open Champion, will also not be attending the event, but is in the field for The 150th Open.



  1. Tiger has spoken….do we need to really continue to put this guy on a pedestal? Golf accomplishments? Second to only Jack. Great things for the PGA? Without a doubt. However, pretending he is the absolute say in all things golf, loyalty, integrity and legacy? Sorry, not for me. Tiger today fired shots at LIV, the LIV players and Greg Norman. Of course the media and all the LIV haters could not have been more thrilled with his remarks. When Tiger speaks, people listen. Sorry, not for me. I prefer the loyal, true, human being rather than any supposed sporting legend or icon. Here is a guy who’s infidelities are widely known. He lived a lie for many years. Here is a guy on at least two occasions, has been found behind a vehicle, incoherent and either asleep or badly injured. Medicines, pills, pain killers? He is portrayed as lucky to be alive. His comeback from the injury is celebrated. The sad reality is, a family, children or other passersby on the road, are the ones lucky to be alive. Tiger is actually lucky that he hasn’t killed or seriously injured anyone. Do I watch when Tiger plays golf? Absolutely. Will I take his comments with regards to integrity, loyalty and legacy to heart? Sorry, not for me.
    • Bingo. The idea that Norman is being framed as some criminal while Tiger is put on a pedestal is bizzaro world. And I love Tiger.



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