ICYMI: Cam Smith Stuffs Claret Jug in Overhead Bin on Commercial Flight

Cam Smith Claret Jug Overhead Bin
Cam Smith won the Claret Jug at the 150th Open. (Getty Images and T Thompson Jr. IG)

On Sunday at St Andrews, Cameron Smith shocked the golf world, shooting his second 64 of the championship to claim victory at the 150th British Open.

Winning the claret jug on the iconic Old Course at St Andrews is what Rory McIlroy referred to as his Holy Grail.

To Cam Smith it’s a “really cool trophy.” So instead of flying back to the states with Rory on a private jet, parked in its own seat, the old jug was jammed into some hardcase luggage and stuffed in an overhead bin on a commercial flight back to Florida.

To a photo by T Thompson Jr., one commenter said, “Best Open picture of the year!,” while another said, “There are no words.”

Photo: Cam Smith Stuffs Claret Jug in Overhead Bin

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