Davis Love III Threatens Walkout If LIV Golfers Allowed Tour Freedom

Davis Love Strike Boycott LIV Golf
Davis Love the 3rd has threatened a strike if courts don't rule in favor of the PGA Tour's monopoly, thus allowing freedom to play both the LIV Golf series and PGA Tour. (PGW Graphics)

Ahead of the Wyndham Championship, Davis Love III proposed a player walkout if LIV golfers were granted freedom by the courts and allowed to return to the PGA Tour.

The Florida-based tour, which has long been accused of running a monopoly, banned players who teed it up on the Greg Norman-led breakaway circuit. But this week 11 players filed what’s being called a “nuclear bomb” of a lawsuit against the PGA Tour, with LIV players even seeking a restraining order from the court in order to play in the tour’s big-money postseason.

Love III, who is captaining the PGA Tour’s Presidents Cup this fall, boasted that PGA tour players hold all the cards, and that a boycott card could be up their Ralph Lauren Polo sleeves.

“If LIV guys sue and are allowed are allowed to play on the PGA Tour, the players are enough fed up with it,” said Love, who owns a single major title.

“We understand that we make the rules on the PGA Tour, and the commissioners enforcing our rules, we don’t want those guys playing and coming and cherry picking our tournaments.

“We [the tour players] hold all the cards, not Jay [Monahan], not Seth Waugh, or Mike Whan, they don’t hold all the cards. We hold all the cards.

“If we say no, we support the rules, we don’t want those guys playing. We don’t care what the courts say. Our only really – the nuclear – option, is to say fine, if they have to play in our events, we just won’t play.”



  1. When will someone ask Davis about the continued flow of Saudi money into the PGA Tour via its major sponsors who do over $40B a year in business with the Saudis and your own report showing The PGA Tour Store is majority owned by Saudis? Does that washed up has-been have any clue how hypocritical he and his precious PGA Tour is? Good grief! Talk about lack of self-awareness.
  2. So true! Been saying the same thing for weeks. Selective, hypocritical criticism. I really hope some PGA tour guys who have their media session and interviews will get asked the same question regarding the Saudi money that backs their tour through their sponsorships. The PGA has selectively been behind the constant questioning of the LIV guys at their events. It truly is amazing why a reporter refuses to ask the PGA guys the same question?? Truth is the PGA dictates the questions and will not allow it. Speaks volumes of Monahans grip on the PGA.


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