Golfweek Writer Regrets Trolling Lee Westwood on Twitter

Lee Westwood Twitter
Lee Westwood got trolled by a Golfweek writer and all hell broke loose. (Getty Images/PGW Graphics)

Some so-called “journalist” named Jason Lusk, who supposedly works for USA Today/Golfweek, attempted to troll Lee Westwood but instead got dragged across twitter by Westwood and his pal Ian Poulter, as well as followers of the two golf stars.

Here’s how it went down: Westwood sarcastically commented on the PGA Tour going to limited fields and no cuts, saying, “I’ve spent the last year reading how good full fields and cuts are.”

Westwood didn’t tag or mention golfweek or especially this no-name “journalist.”

Yet, the classless goober decided to mock Westwood, a former world No.1, for never winning a major.

And that was that… All hell broke loose.

First Wetwood mocked the extremely biased golfweek, home of smear merchant Eamon Lynch.

Then Poulter chimed in, comparing Westwood’s career to that of the golf writer:

And others piled on, many focusing on the out of form comment from the supposed “journalist.”

And many more



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