Here’s Why Dustin Johnson Guessing the Distance of His Shots is Not Impressive

Dustin Johnson has jumped ahead of Rory McIlroy on both the PGA Tour Money List and the OWGR. Credit: USA Today

In a video with Golf Digest, Dustin Johnson is tasked with guessing the distance of his shots using the help of a shot-tracking system.

Judging by the directing and tone of the following video, we’re made to believe that Dustin Johnson guessing the distance of his shots and coming within 5 yards of it (even getting one exactly right) is somehow amazing.

Most of the time DJ’s guess is within 5 yards of his shots measured distance from the Trackman in the video. Impressive for regular hacks, but not for a professional golfer.

Johnson, and every other player on tour (most of them anyway) are making millions and winning tournaments because they’re this good. They have an uncanny ability to remain laser focused on targets and using clubs to get them there within a few yards (ideally). Not to mention, Dustin Johnson probably employs a Trackman device, or something similar, during his practice routines.

Hitting thousands of balls all year long = ability to guess your distance almost perfectly.



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