ICYMI: Rory McIlroy Pimps Far-Left NBC Peacock Platform

Rory McIlroy promotes the far-left streaming service Peacock, which broadcasts only far-left news programs.

I hadn’t noticed the logo on Rory McIlroy’s bag, as I’m not one to follow the coming and going of sponsorships. Plus, the initial press release sent from NBC was a bit misleading (to say the least), touting something innocuous like: “Peacock to Launch GolfPass in Partnership with Rory McIlroy.”

It was assumed an extension of his sponsorship with GolfPass which publishes golf training and entertainment content.

Yet, over the past month or so, we’ve received a few texts from fans about the Peacock logo on McIlroy’s bag. We blew it off thinking it was a mixup with the GolfPass logo. But apparently McIlroy’s has been pimping the far leftwing streaming service from Comcast/NBC for some time now – of course all under the guise of a partnership with GolfPass (which appears nowhere on the bag).

Rory McIlroy
Rory McIlroy during the first round of WGC-Workday Championship at The Concession on Feb 25, 2021 in Bradenton, Fla. (Photo by Sam Greenwood via Getty Images)

How far-left is the Peacock?

One host recently equated Israel and the United States to the terrorist group Hamas.

Four other “left-of-center” hosts made news a couple months back for collectively agreeing that Republican voices should not be allowed on the Peacock News platform.

And then you have an entire network of leftwing lunatics at NBC and MSNBC who will gradually transition over to the Peacock platform, including Russian Collusion conspiracy theorists like Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow.

Imagine for a second if a PGA Tour star walked up to the first tee with a FOX News or OAN logo on his bag? The left would have him canceled before he made the turn. The player would be peppered with questions after every round on whether or not he agrees with this statement from this host or that tweet from that host, and so on.

In fact, I believe a college football coach nearly lost his job and was forced to apologize for the sin of wearing a OAN t-shirt on his personal time.

Even yesterday, the Boston Celtics deleted a photo of its star player Kemba Walker because he was wearing the Gadsden Flag which has always been pro-American.

But it’s now “far right” according to the far-left media at places like Peacock.

Do you see how the far-left media works?

They spot something socially or politically unacceptable to their worldview and immediately run to the team or player to “ask” questions.

Yet the conservative country clubbers just yawn and clap for Rory as he pimps a brand that wants them all canceled.

From now on, Rory owns everything that is said on MSNBC, NBC and Peacock. Just like the left would do if it were a FOX Nation logo.



  1. How dare you point out the double standards. What a expletive piece of expletive expletive. Expletive off! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


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