Insta Reactions After Schwab Colonial: Kokrak Unpopular, Spieth Choked

Fans were not happy to see Jason Kokrak beat Jordan Spieth. (PGW Graphic)

The golf fam on the Gram is not happy with the outcome of the Charles Schwab Challenge. Based on the responses across Instagram almost nobody wanted to see Jason Kokrak win at Colonial, while a decent number think Jordan Spieth “choked.”

Maybe they were spoiled from last week’s happy ending where Phil Mickelson pulled off a miracle at Kiawah.

But the feeling from fans is off the charts pissed off.

Here’s a sampling:

Will: “Nobody liked that.”

Skim: “Everyone disliked that.”

Daniel: “We wanted Spieth.”

Connor: “I’m pissed.”

hanna: “Jordan we still love u.”

Playa: “Tough to watch jordan play with his C game.”

Alex: “Nobody liked that.”

Matthew: “Now the most hated man in Texas.”

Kieran: “Jordan ultimate choke.”

Leif: “Nothing against Kokrak… but everyone wanted a Spieth dub.”

Richard: “We wanted spieth!”

Jr Golfer: “Spieth always choking”

Bnetki: “Good for him but Spieth choked hard.”

Freddy:”Like if you wanted Spieth to win.”

Adam: “Nobody enjoyed this.”

Para: “Jordan Buckled.”

Ocha: “Who else wanted big JK to win?”

Hong: “Another Pxg winner.”

Michael: “Speith was cucked by JK.”

Pete: “Love seeing Spieth lose so all his poor sport nut riders come out to cry.”

Marsh: “Screw cockrack.”

Jimi: “Jordan fans be punching air.”

Rasanayul: “Nice job coat rack.”

Jack: “Not spieth? IDC.”

Adrian: “Dammit speith…”

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