Phil Mickelson and Dustin Johnson are Hall of Fame locks who have each earned life-time exemptions on the PGA Tour. The two have combined for eight majors (six for Phil, two for DJ) and 69 PGA Tour wins (45 for Phil, 24 for DJ).

Yet, Jay Monahan, the dowdy Tour commissioner, inexplicably argued that DJ and Phil were somehow seeking “free rides.”

“And that’s why they need us. That’s what we do. But we’re not going to allow players to free ride off of our loyal members, the best players in the world,” said Monahan during an interview with CBS Sports.

One reliable source told me DJ and Mickelson, among others, are “readying for war,” including several lawsuits against the PGA Tour and Monahan, personally.

“Greg Norman has unlimited funds and is itching to crush Monahan and the PGA Tour,” said the source.



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