Quick Look: Ben Hogan PTx Tour Irons

Ben Hogan PTx Tour Combo Irons
PTx Tour irons were made for golfers seeking the best possible blend of distance, consistency, trajectory control, looks, and feel. (Courtesy Ben Hogan Golf)

Designed as a combo set the Ben Hogan PTx Tour irons have forged heads using four different loft-dependent constructions.

Fast Facts: Ben Hogan PTx Tour Irons
  • Better player category
  • Forged 1025 carbon steel
  • V-Sole high bounce leading, low bounce trailing
  • Stock lofts: 5-i 25.5°, PW 45.5°
  • Stock shafts: 7 choices
  • Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline Genesis, Z5 Black
  • Price: Set of 7 clubs $999.99, set of 6 clubs $899.99

WYNTK: Ben Hogan PTx Tour Irons
Ben Hogan PTx Tour Combo Irons
Ben Hogan PTx Tour irons utilize enhanced V-SOLE design. With a high-bounce leading edge and soft, lower-bounce trailing edge, aiding shots from even the deepest rough. (Courtesy Ben Hogan Golf)

Ben Hogan clubs have been around over 70 years and are now part of Golf Brands Inc. who also own the MacGregor, TearDrop, Ram and Zebra brands.

The PTx Tour irons are specifically designed to be a combo set with different construction as the loft changes. The 4- and 5- irons are a four-piece head that is hollow, and foam filled with tungsten interior weights to enhance forgiveness.

The 6-iron is a three-piece head with no tungsten weight and is meant to fill the gap between low lofted long irons and the shorter, scoring more lofted irons.

Seven and 8-irons are also three-piece with a co-forged titanium insert which raises the center of gravity as a way to counteract “ballooning.” The 9-iron and pitching wedge are one-piece forged heads with a typical blade look.

On the web: BenHoganGolf.com/PTX-Tour-Irons



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