Quick Look: Bettinardi’s 2024 BB Series of Putters

Bettinardi Golf Putters BB Line 2024
Each BB Series putter comes paired with a Black PVD Tour Grade shaft, custom electric blue Lamkin Grip, and dual-constructed leather and carbon fiber BB Series magnetic headcover. (Courtesy Bettinardi)

Bettinardi’s latest BB line of putters are milled from 303 stainless steel with a black PVD finish and include six blade models and one mallet head plus a left-handed model.

Fast Facts: Bettinardi 2024 BB Putters
  • 303 Stainless steel milled heads
  • Perpetual Flymill Face Milling
  • Black Pearl PVD finish
  • Stock shaft: Black PVD Tour Grade
  • Head weight 352g except BB28
  • BB1 ½ toe hang
  • BB1 Wide 1/3 toe hang
  • BB8 Flow ¾ toe hang
  • BB28 Slotback 1/8 toe hang
  • BB28 Slotback Center ¼ toe hang
  • BB28 Slotback Armlock 400g weight 1/8 toe hang
  • BB48 1/3 toe hang
  • Priced at $450 each
WYNTK: Bettinardi 2024 BB Putters

Bob Bettinardi’s newest models for the 2024 BB line of putters share many characteristics of those which preceded but with some relatively minor redesigns to improve performance making use of input from Tour pros that play with them each week.

Bettinardi Golf Putters BB Line 2024
(Courtesy Bettinardi)

Said Bettinardi, “Working alongside our elite Tour staff and engineering team, we re-balanced each head aligning the Center of Gravity and moving the sweet spot into a more natural alignment with the eye. Every putt feels incredibly balanced and consistent.”

Rebalancing of the heads changed the location of the center of gravity and involved modifying the shape shoulders and bumpers, so the head aligned more easily at address. Heads of the BB series are all milled from one piece of 303 stainless steel and the faces with Bettinardi’s unique face milling which has been reworked to improve the sound—a critical factor in putter performance feedback. Face milling lines are slightly curved towards the heel and toe in a distinctive pattern to help achieve a consistent roll.



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