Quick Look: Cobra Aerojet Irons 2023

Cobra Aerojet Irons
PWR-BRIDGE weight is suspended in a soft polymer filler for fine-tuned acoustics and feel. (Credit: Cobra Golf)

The Aerojet irons from Cobra Golf are part of a new club family for 2023 and replace the LTDx models of last year. They feature a new internal stiffening and weighting called PWR-BRIDGE in both variable length and one length.

Fast Facts: Cobra Aerojet Irons
  • Game-improvement category
  • Internal 70g PWR-BRIDGE
  • PWRSHELL variable thickness face
  • Hollow construction injected polymer
  • Variable & One Length shafts
  • Stock shafts: KBS Tour Lite, KBS PGI
  • Stock grip: Lamkin Crossline
  • MSRP: Set of seven irons (steel $999, graphite $1099)
WYNTK: Cobra Aerojet Irons

The new Aerojets have a revamped internal weighting feature called PWR-BRIDGE that acts as a head stiffener and replaces the familiar PWR-CORE of the LTDx models. It is “untethered” inside the head, fastened only to the heel and toe and surrounded by injected polymer. This lowers the center of gravity close to the sole while allowing the face additional flexing at impact and gaining the benefit of improved feel and dampening from the polymer.

Cobra Aerojet Irons
A suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight design creates a more flexible face and sole to maximize launch and ball speed. (Credit: Cobra Golf)

The PWRSHELL face insert has a 22% larger thin area (1.9 mm at its thinnest) compared with the LTDx creating a bigger sweet spot. The combination of the two new features results in 10% more face deflection and up to 1.8 mph higher ball speed.

Visually, compared again with the LTDx, Aerojet heads appear to have a thinner top line since both the front and back edges are chamfered slightly reducing the apparent thickness at address.

Cobra continues to make irons in both the usual variable length based on loft and in one length, that of a 7-iron or 37.25”, which means players have only a single setup and swing for all of the irons in the bag.

On the web: CobraGolf.com



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