Snell Prime Golf Balls 2024

Snell Prime golf balls
The Snell Prime golf balls deliver performance for a wide range of golfers. (Courtesy: Snell Golf)

Master ball-maker Dean Snell has announced the latest from his company Snell Golf, the new Prime lineup of three models with the tag line, “Performance for All”.

Fast Facts: Snell Prime Golf Balls

Prime 2.0
– Two-piece
– XV3 urethane cover
– High speed core
– Slower swing speeds
– $24.99 dozen

Prime 3.0
– Three-piece
– XV3 urethane cover
– Moderate swing speeds
– $32.99 dozen

Prime 4.0
– Four-piece
– XV3 urethane cover
– High swing speeds
– $34.99 dozen

WYNTK: Snell Prime Golf Balls
Snell Prime golf balls
The Snell Prime golf balls for 2024 come in three models. (Courtesy: Snell Golf)

Snell Golf has become a very well regarded B2C golf ball maker and for the new season has introduced three models covering the needs of all skill levels while retaining the pricing that has attracted many to the brand.

Segregated by swing speeds with the Prime 2.0 for those with less aggressive swings-125 yards or less with 7-iron–offering high launch and high spin for the best distance with the most carry. Compared to other two-piece balls without a urethane cover the short shot spin is exceptional.

The Prime 3.0 model is an update of the previous MTB Prime and MTB BLACK models with high ball speed and low long game spin for those whose 7-iron typically goes 120 to 170 yards. Prime 4.0 is for high swing speed players, 7-iron 160 yards and more, has low driver spin and the two mantles add spin for medium and short irons to provide control.

“As our company has evolved over the last 9 years, we continue to learn more about our customers and what we can do to make golf ball selection easy for the amateur golfer,” said CEO Dean Snell in a press release.

“Sometimes there is just too much data, described as “paralysis by analysis,” leaving many golfers feeling overwhelmed.

“The new lineup is positioned to make it easy for our players to choose their model based on swing speed, or an even simpler metric of their 7-iron distance. Each model is designed to give those player profiles total overall performance and do so at a price point that makes sense for their game and their wallet.”



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