10 Thoughts from Jordan Spieth on his U.S. Open defense at Oakmont


Spieth, dressed in a green Under Armour shirt and white Under Armour hat, jogged up to the microphone, and apologized for being tardy – due to his practice round running into overtime.

Stepahnie Wei (who is a must follow on Twitter), Brian Wacker of SI, and David Dusek and Adam Schupak of Golfweek tweeted out the top quotes from the defending U.S. Open champion.

Here are the top 10 from the golf scribes.

1. Calls Oakmont the toughest venue.

2. Doubts anyone will be in the red over 72 holes – unless it rains.

3. Calls greens similar to Augusta.

4. Apologizes for being late (only in golf).

5. Says Oakmont is unpredictable.

6. Gets testy with a question about his Masters meltdown.

7. Says Winning! helped him move on from Masters

8. Says he’s confident and will draw from his major wins.

9. Says missed fairways will be super costly.

10. Leaning, but won’t commit to Olympics.

SOURCES: Stephanie Wei, Brian Wacker, Adam Schupak, David Dusek, USGA




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