USGA Goes All in on the LGBTQ+ Propaganda

LPGA golfer Mel Reid (left) with her fiance Carly Grenfell. (Right) USGA Offices with Pride flag flying alongside the American flag. (SG USGA IG)

The USGA is officially controlled by the political left now, and has promised to ram the LGBTQ+ lifestyle down the throats of golf fans for the entire month of June and beyond.

Writing on Instagram, the USGA stated: “At the USGA, we believe that the many people who play golf every day make us one amazing community.

“This month, we’re elevating the incredible stories of LGBTQ+ golfers and hope you’ll join us in continuing to make sure golf is welcoming to all! #PrideMonth”

The USGA ignored Memorial Day (until a late post at midnight after being reminded). They did not elevate any stories of fallen soldiers on that solemn day, but will spend an entire month promoting the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. We also can’t find archives where they’ve “elevated” stories of Christianity, but will propaganzdize LGBTQ+.

If the reaction on the Gram is an indication, the blowback is about to be massive. And all said the same thing: they love their gay friends and family members, but are simply sick of double standards and propaganda – where these very same people cancel anything and everything that’s Christian and or conservative related. It’s a one way street.



  1. The LPGA has been garbage since its inception. It’s as entertaining as female basketball, female soccer. Which is to say, it isn’t entertaining. It isn’t athletic. It isn’t good sport–it’s females trying to do what men do really well. And doing it poorly, like little girls wearing mommy’s high heels. Pretend game.

    So, no one watches. No one cares that it’s turned into the Lezzy League. It’s never been anything that anyone wanted to hold onto.

    If the PGA went full homosexual that would be a big deal because there’s a popular brand that would be destroyed by the deviant sexual mafia. But girlie sports? Who cares.

    Bye bye, lezzies. Bye bye.


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