5 FAQs About the Taylor Made Golf Balls

The TaylorMade golf ball lineup is varied and offers a choice for the low. mid, and high handicap golfer. Credit: TaylorMade

Jon Rahm is all the buzz on the PGA Tour. The rookie, who last week was the world’s #1 amateur golfer, and the only one to make the cut at Oakmont, is now leading the PGA Tour’s Quicken Loans National.

And if you’ve been watching Rahm’s play at Congressional this week, you may have noticed he’s no longer playing a Titleist golf ball.

The former Arizona State star has switched, and is now playing a TaylorMade Preferred Tour X golf ball.

So to get a jump on the searches, here are your FAQs for the TaylorMade golf ball lineup.

1. How many different golf balls does Taylor Made make?

In 2016, TaylorMade makes and markets six (6) unique golf balls. They are as follows: Tour Preferred, Tour Preferred X, Project (a), Kalea, Distance+, and Burner.

2. What are considered the premium golf balls?

The Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X are the two premium branded TaylorMade golf balls.

3. What does the X stand for in ‘Tour Preferred X’?

The X signifies extra layer. The Tour Preferred is a 4 layer ball, while the X brand adds a fifth layer. The X is also a firmer ball with an 87 compression. While the Tour Preferred is softer with a compression of 80.

4. What is TaylorMade’s mid-range golf ball?

The mid-range premium ball is called the Project (a). It’s marketed to competitive (a)mateur golfers with low-mid-handicaps. It is a 3 layer ball that is soft (70 compression) yet provides distance.

5. What are the discount brands?

The Kalea (for women), Distance+, and Burner are all two piece golf balls and marketed to weekend golfers with higher handicappers.

Bonus: What are the prices for each model?

The Tour Preferred — $47.99

The Tour Preferred X — $47.99

The Project (a) — $34.99

The Distance+ — $14.99

The Burner — $15.99

The Kalea — $19.99

SOURCES: TaylorMade | Amazon



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