Bag Boy Celebrates 75th Year Anniversary of Its Original Pull Cart

Bag Boy
Bag Boy employees build pull carts in the 1950s. (Courtesy Bay Boy)

On Friday, June 4th, the Bag Boy Company will commemorate 75 years as an industry leader in premium pull carts, golf bags, travel covers and accessories.

In 1946, using two lawn mower wheels with flat tires, mounted on a folding chassis, the first Bag Boy concept was designed by Bruce Williamson in Portland, Oregon.

Following his original concept, Williamson partnered with E. Roy Jarman to form the Jarman-Williamson Company which immediately began manufacturing these basic golf carts.

The original cart designs were constructed using sand castings and aluminum tubing, and to make them fairly free from expensive repairs, all the parts were designed to be bolted together, making it possible to replace damaged parts.

Following nearly a decade of success – making golf a more enjoyable experience for players, Bag Boy opened its first factory in Portland, Oregon, in 1954 and began manufacturing patented cart designs in mass. The ability to produce more carts in a shorter time-frame increased market recognition and Bag Boy soon grew to be distributed internationally.

ce Williamson and E. Roy Jarman Bag Boy
Bruce Williamson (left) and E. Roy Jarman (right) launched the Bag Boy brand in 1946. (Courtesy Bag Boy)

By 1970, both Williamson and Jarman had sold their interests in the Bag Boy Company. Over the next few decades, the company would undergo two acquisitions and operate as a stand-alone business before being acquired by Dynamic Brands, the parent company for a portfolio of premium brands in the sporting goods industry, in 2004.

Today, Bag Boy continues to grow through its focus on quality, durability, cutting-edge innovation and diversification. The revolutionary Nitron pushcart, with its easy one-step auto-open technology, leads the way as the easiest opening and closing cart in golf. Bag Boy also produces a variety of other innovative products including golf bags, travel covers and accessories.

“Watching Bag Boy’s growth and success over the years has been an exciting journey,” said Leighton Klevana, CEO of Bag Boy’s parent company, Dynamic Brands.

“From the humble beginnings of Bag Boy’s pull cart to its latest state-of-the-art Nitron pushcart, Bag Boy will continue to push limits and set the standard for innovation in the golf industry.”

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