After Ignoring Memorial DAY, LPGA Tour Honors Gay Pride MONTH

The LPGA Tour ignored Memorial Day but immediately jumped into action to support Pride Month.

Yesterday on Instagram, the LPGA completely ignored the ONE DAY set aside to honor America’s war dead.

On Memorial Day, the ladies tour did not post a single tribute to IG that paid respects to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Yet. The very next day, on June 1 – the first day of Pride MONTH, they immediately posted about #PrideMonth.

To recognize #PrideMonth, they used a quote from Alena Sharp: “Life is too short. To try to hide who you are is not a way to live.”

Life was especially “short” for those brave young Americans who died on Omaha Beach or in Fallujah.

How easy would it have been to use the quote from Lexi Thompson yesterday to honor Memorial Day?

Absolutely ingrateful!

To top it off, the LPGA Tour is teeing it up at the UNITED STATES Women’s Open this week.


  1. Has anyone told them that no one watches their awful play?

    No one knows their names, no one watches, no one pays any attention to them.

    They are bleating for the camera.

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  2. I’ve tried to support the lpga tour as I like some of the players and think they don’t get the deserved credit. But this is a despicable!!

    I have no problem supporting pride month but to actually ignore Memorial Day (just the day before) is disgusting.

    The problem is Instagram is far left Marxist and so the military and patriotism is frowned upon. While anything woke is allowed.


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