Gary Player Boasts: “I Can Shoot My Age With My Eyes Closed”

Gary Player 2023 Masters Tournament
Gary Player hits his tee shot on the first hole during the Honorary Starters opening ceremony for the first round of the 2023 Masters Tournament at Augusta National on Apr 6, 2023, in Augusta, GA. (Photo by Keyur Khamar for the PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

In a profile piece in USA Today, Gary Player joked that shooting his age is almost too easy.

The 87-year-old South African says he posted a 76 at Augusta National last Sunday. And according to Player, it was the 3,072nd time in a row he’s shot his age or better.

Born in 1935, the nine-time major winner first shot his age in 2000 at the age of 64.

Even at 87, Player remains golf’s global ambassador, traveling between homes in Florida, South Africa and Britain; then trekking “to China or India, or Australia or somewhere like that,” for two months a year.

Speaking at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, Player boasted he could shoot his age (15-over par 72) “with my eyes closed.”

Gary Player 2023 Masters Tournament
Gary Player stretches during the Par 3 contest prior to the 2023 Masters Tournament at Augusta National on Apr 5, 2023 in Augusta, GA. (Photo by Andrew Redington via Getty Images)

“I’m averaging par (72) at my age. I beat my age usually by 15 shots,” said Player. “I average 73.”

He credits his good health to exercise and diet, saying his “body’s like a 50-year-old.” His routine includes nine hours of sleep and two meals (breakfast and lunch) per day. He skips dinner, saying “you don’t put gas in your car when you park it in your garage at night.”

Player’s goal is “to live to 100.”

Source: USA Today



  1. Regarding Mr Players claim of shooting his age 3072 consecutive times!
    He claims to shit his age the first time at 64. Assuming this is when his streak started, he’d have to play 133 rounds per year to accomplish this extraordinary feat. He also would have had to shot 64 a huge number of this times while he was 64. Same holds true at the ages of 65, 66, 67, etc. If the streak started at a later age his frequency of playing only increase. I’ve got friends who are “avid” golfers. 133 rounds a year, or more, would be extraordinary. Add the fact that Mr player claims to travel more than another world athlete, it leaves little time to play that often. Mr Player is a wonderful golfer. But this claim is rather dubious at best.
    • Interesting… Hadn’t thought of it that way. You’re right, though: even if the streak started at say 72; shooting 72 (or better) every single time at that age would seem almost impossible. Not to mention the number of rounds it would take per year. Even the tour pros in their prime throw up a high number every now and then. And I get he’s not playing tour like conditions any more. But still… Will have to reach out to him.


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