Gets Dragged on Twitter For Calling Phil Mickelson “Vulgar”

0 Mickelson Bias was called out on Twitter for being pearl clutching prudes. (Getty Images/PGW Graphics)

Golf dot com is basically the PGA Tour’s state-run media. When they’re not running puff propaganda for Ponte Vedra, they generally trash LIV Golf. So when Phil Mickelson went on the offense against the USGA, in defense of Talor Gooch, you knew they would somehow spin it negatively for LIV and/or Phil.

It’s how the fake media always rolls. Any time the other side wins, they go into deflect mode and focus the narrative on something negative.

It’s like the old meme: if Trump cured cancer the media would run stories that ‘Trump killed the cancer research industry.’

Anyhow, with a just a handful of tweets (not a four-day rant), Phil destroyed the argument laid out by the USGA, but instead of focusing on Phil’s winning facts, writer Nick Piastowski chose to highlight his use of the word “dick.”

The headline should have been: “Phil Mickelson fact checks the USGA” or whatnot. Yet, they chose to go with: “Phil Mickelson goes on a vulgar four-day rant.”

IMPORTANT POINT: To understand the bias and hypocrisy at play here, when Rory McIlroy yelled, “F*ck you, Phil,” in the very overrated Netflix documentary, headlined it this way: “Rory McIlroy’s crowning moment.” They added, McIlroy gave Netflix “the quote of the show.”

Yet, Phil calls something out as being “a dick move” and it’s a “vulgar four-day rant.”

Utter garbage. bias
The bias of is next level. (SG GOLF)

Twitter, though, was having none of it and mocked’s narrative. First for being “prudes.”

Then for being lying propagandists…



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