Hey Alexa: ‘What the Latest on the LPGA?’

According to a post at LPGA.com, the tour’s media team will be producing a pair of weekly reports for owners of Amazon Echo and Dot devices.

The Monday news update will recap the weekend which will also include audio from the winner (listen below).

The second update will be published on Friday and will provide a table setter for the weekend, including round-one results and TV times.


To receive LPGA updates, follow these five steps:

1. Download the “Amazon Alexa” app on your phone

2. Click the menu bar in the top left and then click “skills”

3. In the search bar, type “LPGA”

4. Click LPGA News Flash Briefings

5. Click “Enable”

6. On Monday and Friday, just say, “hey Alexa, what is my news flash briefings?”

Source: LPGA


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