ICYMI: Brandel Chamblee Malfunctions On Live TV, Required Reboot

Brad Faxon Brandel Chamblee Golf Channel Ryder Cup
(Via Awful Announcing Twitter SG)

The Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee is the network’s star analyst. He is also a smear merchant who’s libeled the LIV Golf league and its players since its inception.

Let there be no doubt. Chamblee’s beef with LIV Golf is one-hundred percent related to helping the PGA Tour maintain its monopoly, yet the one-time tour winner spouts his criticism using a moral filter, e.g. “Saudi Arabia is an authoritarian state, hence LIV Golf supports terrorism” or some such ridiculous relativism. (While ignoring the fact that NBC Sports made millions broadcasting the Russia and China Olympics. And/or that the same Saudi Arabia that funds LIV Golf also owns large shares of Twitter where Chamblee spins more hate. Or that his iPhone was made in Communist China. You get the hypocritical gist.)

First a bit of a table setter: Chamblee’s cohorts on the golf network aren’t nearly as acerbic but generally nod along with his anti-LIV rants, while on Twitter, he simply turns off replies and/or blocks any critical comments. Bottomline: he lives in a self-induced echo chamber.

Throughout the first seven rounds of the opening two majors of 2023, Chamblee did a decent job of trying to remain objective and even-handed. But on Sunday night, following Brooks Koepka‘s fifth career major at the 105th PGA Championship, which moved him to No.2 on the U.S. Ryder Cup team, Chamblee lost it, essentially demanding Koepka be banned from Ryder Cup eligibility.

Everything was going as scripted (Chamblee ranting, Rich Lerner nodding) until Brad Faxon calmly disagreed. That’s when the anti-LIV robot essentially broke down and required a reboot – first repeating Faxon’s words, and then just basically powering off.


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