ICYMI: Phil Mickelson Makes a Classic ‘Mickelson Birdie’


Phil Mickelson is one of the most popular players in PGA Tour history, primarily for being a great player, and nice guy. But also for his ability to get himself out of trouble on the course.

Phil is not what you’d call a game manager.

During the final round of the Safeway Open, on the first hole, Mickelson pulled, well, a ‘Mickelson’.

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A classic "Phil birdie" to start the final round.

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After a tee shot that went way, way left, Phil had no desire to settle for a layup or a punch out. Instead, he whacked an 8 iron about 160 yards, landing it on the green.

Lefty then, naturally, made a 96 foot putt for birdie.



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