Their players earn millions every week. Playing a game. The tour itself makes billions as a United States “non-profit.” Cripes, the Memorial Tournament is named after Memorial Day.

Yet on Instagram the PGA Tour could not be bothered to post an image with a brief blurb to honor those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice.

Of the major professional sports leagues, only the PGA Tour and NBA ignored the solemn day on Instagram.

The MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, and NASCAR all saluted America’s war dead.

Sadly, in the golf space, the PGA Tour wasn’t alone. The PGA Tour Champions (managed by the PGA Tour) posted zilch about the patriots who died for this country. The LPGA Tour also couldn’t be bothered. Same with the United States Golf Association (USGA) which is even more mind boggling.

The PGA of America was the only major U.S. golf association / organization to mark the day. Although their Ryder Cup account posted nothing.

The major golf equipment brands that posted a tribute to those who died defending freedom were Titleist, TaylorMade, Wilson, Footjoy, PXG, Odyssey, Srixon, and Puma. (Don’t ever forget this when choosing your next gear.)

As of 8 p.m. (est), the golf brands that ignored the meaning of the sacred holiday were: Callaway, Adidas, Cobra, and PING, among others.

Incredibly, even the Memorial Tournament failed to publish a tribute. Yet had time to post promos for Lexus.

Update: Callaway and the Memorial Tournament posted a late tribute after we published.

Who Honored Memorial Day?

PGA Tour – No
LPGA Tour – No
PGA of America – Yes
PGA Tour Champions – No
Ryder Cup – No
Presidents Cup – No
Titleist – Yes
TaylorMade – Yes
Wilson – Yes
Footjoy – Yes
PXG – Yes
Odyssey – Yes
Srixon – Yes
Puma – Yes
Callaway – No Yes
Adidas – No
Cobra – No

More to come… Including the players who couldn’t be bothered.



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