LIV Golfers Fire Back at “Winless Will” Zalatoris

Will Zalatoris 2022 PGA Championship
Will Zalatoris on the 17th tee during the second round of the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills CC on May 20, 2022 in Tulsa, OK. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird via Getty Images)

According to feedback from LIV Golf players, Will Zalatoris might want to try winning a tour title before attempting to be a spokesman for the PGA, and a critic of LIV.

The lanky Texan, who has failed in 53 career attempts to claim a PGA Tour trophy, recently shot down rumors related to signing with the Norman-led tour.

“I’m a Player Advisory Council member, so we talk about it internally a lot,” said Zalatoris, ahead of the Rocket Mortgage Classic.

“It’s a wild time for the PGA Tour and I guess golf as a whole, but the changes that I think are going to happen and everything that’s going to come down the road is only going to make us stronger. And we are the best tour.

“Every week we’re playing the best courses on the planet…I just think that just let time come and let everything kind of settle and it will be very clear, but right now with all the changes and how everything has been just so wild and a lot of hearsay, I think that we just need to let the dust settle if you will, and we’ll be just fine.”

One LIV player texted, “Just a total 🤡… Next!”

“Mouth writing checks his resume can’t cash,” another replied.

“Winless Will,” texted one of the most recent signees.

“Stay in your lane, son,” said a LIV caddie who loops for a former Masters winner.



  1. Do the caddies get the standard 10% for a win?

    Does that include a cut of team prize? A couple of wins could be huge to a caddy and only 54 holes

    • Yes. Caddies get 10% of the players’ total earnings – individual and team. Branden Grace’s caddie, Cliff Botha, for instance, earned $450k for his work in Portland.

      Plus LIV pays all caddies’ expenses related to travel, transportation, lodging and meals. This is unheard of on the PGA Tour.

      Any caddie on the PGA Tour or DP World Tour would jump in a heartbeat to caddie on LIV.

      “It’s life changing,” one said.



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