Monday Metaphor: Golfer Somehow Gets His Head Stuck in a Trash Can


Here’s a great example of how we all feel on Mondays: like our head is stuck in a trash can.

The video was posted in June of last year following an epic charity golf tournament in which some guy inexplicably got his head stuck in a trash can.

We’ve all played in charity golf tournaments. There’s always one group at the event who has a little too much to drink, maybe even has a bottle of booze in their bag, and could engage in such tomfoolery.

Unfortunately, watching this video leaves us with more questions than we have answers:

  1. Why did he put his head in the trash can in the first place?
  2. Why did someone in his group have vaseline in his bag?

Let this be a lesson to charity golf tournaments, please make sure your trash cans are wide enough to fit a human head.



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