Nike Flyknit Elite Golf Shoes: Real Spikeless Traction

The Nike Flyknit Elite Golf Shoe. Credit: Nike

Nike’s new Flyknit Elite may bring real traction to the spikeless golf shoe category. The innovation behind the Elite is its Articulated Integrated Traction. It features ridges that run along the bottom of the shoe in a way that provides stability and grip in a variety of terrain.

This new technology allows the golfer to transfer through the swing more naturally. This is also achieved by keeping the golfer lower to the ground. There may be advantages to reading greens if you can feel the contours and slopes more with your feet.

The Flyknit Elite appears to be more capable of griping the earth with its plastic “teeth” compared to standard spikeless rubber nubs. The top of the shoe is a liner that you slip your foot into. In terms of style these certainly look more like basketball shoes than golf. They do look comfortable as a slipper though.

For more information about the innovation behind the Flyknit Elite check out this page at Nike.

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