Sham: Jon Rahm Forced To WD After Testing Positive For COVID, Leading By 6

Jon Rahm
Jon Rahm gets shuttled away after testing positive for COVID-19 after the third round of the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club on June 5, 2021 in Dublin, Ohio. (Photo by Ben Jared PGA TOUR via Getty Images)

In the third round of the Memorial Tournament, Jon Rahm shot a 8-under 64 to secure a six-shot lead after 54 holes.

The Spaniard was then informed (on national TV no less) that he’d tested positive for COVID-19 – a disease so deadly that he built a nearly insurmountable lead over the past three days while infected.

Rahm was forced to withdraw.

For context: the PGA Tour is pushing vaccines hard, and many – including in this space – predicted they’d make examples of players who were vaccine hesitant.

A few weeks ago, in a post titled, ‘PGA Tour Plans to Implement COVID-19 Vaccine Passport Program,’ I wrote:

“These non-vaccinated players (which we are now betting will be about zero) will also forfeit the ease of mind that comes with no longer having to worry about test results – including false positives, and the potential loss of income – each and every week.

There is also no doubt that the PGA Tour and pro-vaccine testers will start making examples of non-vaccinated players through tests that are known for delivering false positives.”

The PGA Tour’s senior VP of tournament administration, Andy Levinson, who is despised by tour players for his insistence on vaccines, claimed he’s only following CDC guidelines – the same corrupt CDC that has continually lied to Americans throughout this ordeal including the origin of the virus.

“No, the CDC’s protocol regarding people who are confirmed positive for COVID-19 is clear, and that is 10 days of isolation unless someone is asymptomatic and is able to produce two negative tests of a minimum of 24 hours apart,” said Levinson.

“Unfortunately, the timing would not allow Jon to continue to participate.”

By embarrassing/suspending the world No. 3, and defending champion, who was leading by a half-dozen shots after three rounds… is there any stronger way to scare players into taking the experimental jab?

It’s almost mob-like: “Nice lead you have there. Be ashame if you lost it when holding an insurmountable lead after three rounds.”

In another post, I wrote:

Last month, the tour announced plans to allow vaccinated players to avoid weekly covid tests, while making life uncomfortable for the unvaccinated.

Jon Rahm was made to be real uncomfortable.

Developing. More to come…



  1. I am sorry, Mr. Smith, but there is no excuse for not having been vaccinated to prevent contracting Covid-19. Mr. Rahm has no one to blame except himself here. Were I another golfer, I would refuse to play in the same foursome with an un-vaccinated golfer, caddy, or PGA official. What a terrible disservice you have done by writing this story from this point of view.
    • Honey, the ‘Rona is the flu. It doesn’t affect young men. Rahm is right to let his immune system handle his health.

      You’re frightened of the big, bad ‘Rona. That’s OK. You’ve been lied to and lied to. I’ll bet you believe the slave muzzle is a magic talisman that “helps a little” to prevent the spread of the ‘Rona, right? It doesn’t.

      The PGA is destroying itself with the woke garbage that real Americans won’t stand for. It’s become an elite game for Marxist losers.

      This is just another example. Nobody watches anymore because the ******* and ***** that run the game are deranged high school Marxists.

  2. Jeff – generally enjoy your writing, except when it comes to the topic of COVID etiquette and common sense. You give every appearance of being a complete neanderthal on these two topics. Rahm took a calculated chance, driven by selfishness and ignorance and he lost, big time … $1.647m to be precise. The message is abundantly clear … the COVID virus is totally unaffected by the latest “they said” conspiracy theory, politics, class, income, etc. It is a life form and will maximize its chances for survival every time. The PGA is not the bad guy here for trying to keep people healthy … have you noticed the average age of PGA golfing galleries by the way? The bad guy is Jon Rahm and others who force their COVID-crazed views on the rest of us by not getting a simple vaccination not wearing a mask and not social distancing. Again, the virus doesn’t care!


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