Grant Thornton’s LGBTQ+ Yardage Book Covers are Big Hit… With Photographers

Collin Morikawa (L) and Mel Reid (R) shown with their Grant Thornton Yardage Books. (Getty Images)

Grant Thornton was a big hit with the photographers at the PGA Tour’s Memorial Tournament and the LPGA’s U.S. Women’s Open.

I’ve seen the name listed as a sponsor of the PGA Tour (events and players) but not exactly sure about their line of business.

Anyhow, Grant Whatchamacallit came up with some super colorful LGBTQ+ yardage book covers for a few of their wokest players to show off for the cameras this weekend in Ohio and California.

And boy did the wire photographers eat it up.

Collin Morikawa
Collin Morikawa was the only PGA Tour player with this book cover and at least fifty-percent of his photos included the yardage book. (Getty Images SG)

For context: all players have these yardage books in their back pockets. Each has their own little cover too – some bland, others colorful, etc.

Yet the photographers could not get enough of the Grant Thornton LGBTQ+ rainbow books. It was weird.

As someone who works 24/7 reporting, opining, and publishing tour related content, I’ve noticed maybe a couple photos (out of the tens of thousands) where the yardage book stood out in a photo. For example, there is not another wire photo from the Memorial or the Women’s Open of a player and his/her yardage book where you can see the cover and name, aside from the rainbow ones.

This is not a criticism of the LGBTQ+ colors, whatsoever. This is a question of what the heck is going on here?

Is it simply propaganda by some proud photographers, or is there some kind of backdoor advertising deal with Grant Thornton?

The next-level overkill raises some serious suspicion.

Mel Reid and the Korda sisters
On the LPGA Tour at the U.S. Women’s Open, Mel Reid, and the Korda sisters were also photographed a majority of the time holding or carrying their books. (Getty Images)




  1. This is an awful take. Just because YOU are not comfortable with YOURSELF does not mean this kind of broader acceptance is negative. In fact, the only thing negative about a group of pro golfers with platforms much bigger than yours trying to do something positive is you trying to get in their way. You are literally mad that they got attention. For something good. What is wrong with you?
    • I’m not against the books. I wrote that. I said it was a weird infatuation by photographers.

      I edit tour photos every single day. Since 2017, I have never seen more than 2-3 photos focused on the yardage books. That was the point.

      My father in law is gay. I am very pro gay rights.

  2. It’s Pride Month and I, too, was shocked to see the rainbows. As a former collegiate golfer, and a gay one at that, it’s amazing to finally see some love on the men’s tour.

    Morikawa might be one of the few Dems on tour. He went to Berkeley and he and his girlfriend rescue dogs. He seems like a good person to me.


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