Robert Allenby’s Tough Weekend: Misses the Cut, Then Gets Arrested Outside a Casino

Illinois County Sheriffs dept.
Illinois Sheriff's County Dept.
Illinois Sheriff’s County Jail

The troubled Australian golfer had a pretty bad weekend first missing the cut at the John Deere Classic and then got arrested outside a nearby casino.

Allenby was arrested early Saturday for disorderly conduct and criminal trespass outside Jumer’s Casino, about 20 minutes west of TPC Deere Run; the site of the John Deere Classic.

Allenby missed the cut on Friday after posting a 70, 72 and was arrested only a few hours later. Apparently he didn’t take the cut too well.

According to USA Today, when asked about the charges the Australian said “I have no idea, mate. No idea”.

This isn’t the first bizarre incident following a golf tournament for Allenby. Last year he was in Hawaii when he claimed he was kidnapped, robbed, and beaten. He even posted pictures of his bruised face to Facebook.

Police say they will not be pressing charges against Allenby following his recent arrest.



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