Source: PGA Tour Contemplating Divorce From Jay Monahan

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan 2022 Tour Championship
PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan speaks during a press conference prior to the TOUR Championship at East Lake GC on Aug 24, 2022 in Atlanta, GA. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins via Getty Images)

In 2017, Jay Monahan was named the PGA Tour’s fourth commissioner. At 46, it was expected the golf monopoly would be headed by the Boston native for the next several decades.

Yet, amid the current LIV Golf crisis, Monahan is said to be on shaky ground, having lost the confidence of key players and several board members, according to a PGA Tour agent, who represents several marquee names.

“Monahan was the perfect captain to steer the tour’s cruise ship amid smooth waters,” said the longtime agent by phone. “But the tour now needs someone navigating a battleship in its war with LIV. And he is not it.”

He added, “No presence, no leadership skills.”

Asked if the tour was really considering parting ways with Monahan, the source replied, “I’m surprised he still has a job at this point.”

The speculation surrounding Monahan’s exit had been simmering all summer but today’s revelation in the Wall Street Journal, which exposed the lavish spending of the tax-exempt behemoth, amid an American economy in shambles no less, is sure to heat up the rumor mill.

He closed saying, “Keep an eye on Tiger Woods regarding a leadership role at Ponte Vedra.”




  1. Oh, my God! Tiger? I thought by switching to LIV I was getting away from that narcissistic blowhard. Tiger is the main ass in a bunch of asses.


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