Tiger Woods on Golf’s Declining Popularity: ‘Make the Game Less Intimidating’

BETHESDA, MD - JUNE 26: Tiger Woods looks on after the final round of the Quicken Loans National at Congressional Country Club on June 26, 2016 in Bethesda, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

In an exclusive interview with Robb Report, Tiger Woods discussed how golf-course design can preserve the sport’s popularity.

(From RobbReport.com)

Reports show that golf is less popular with younger generations than it has been in the past. How can that be remedied?

The best thing we can do to capture kids’ interest is make the game less intimidating and more fun for them as beginners. That’s what we’ve tried to do with the Playgrounds at Bluejack, which is a 10-hole, par-3 course. With holes ranging from 30 yards to just over 100 yards, it can be played with anything from a mid-iron to a putter. It’s a great way to introduce players, particularly kids, to the game in a relaxed and fun environment.

Woods is right. Making more par 3 courses available to kids would make an easier transition into the game. Instead of going from a driving range right into a 500 yard par 5, kids can learn the basic swing mechanics and get comfortable with clubs on a smaller scale.

The entire interview is worth a read. The 14-time Major champion also talks about his favorite ‘creative shot’ that he’s ever hit in a tournament.

Let’s not forget it also would likely improve the popularity of golf if he returned to his winning ways.



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