Watch Andy Sullivan Try to Make a Hole-in-One With 500 Golf Balls

Andy Sullivan
Andy Sullivan after a shot at London Golf Club. Credit: European Tour Youtube Screengrab

In what is being touted as a “European Tour original series,” Andy Sullivan stars in a reality-like video where he tries to make a hole-in-one with 500 balls.

The 31-year old Englishman is first seen entering his BMW in the early morning, and driving to nearby London Golf Club.

“I was dreaming about hole-in-ones all night last night. I’m telling you,” says Sullivan at the beginning of the nearly seven-minute video.

“I’m just praying to God I hole one. I really, really hope for you guys that I do hole one today.”

When Sullivan arrives at the club, and starts to warm up, he asks, “I wonder what the actual percentage of actually holing this shot actually is… of the amount I’m going to hit?” (Yes, he used “actual” three times.)

He’s told, “I would say you don’t want to know the answer to that.” In which Sullivan replies, “Yeah, OK.”

Andy Sullivan before a shot at London Golf Club. Credit: European Tour Youtube Screengrab

At first we see a confident Sullivan hitting lasers, and boasting, “dialing in the digit now,” and “getting close, I can tell this is it.”

But as the “digit” tracking shots-attempted moves past the century mark, Sullivan appears a bit demoralized, while his words require more bleeps.

Right before shot No. 136, he mumbles, “Concentrate, you fat f***,” and then proceeds to nearly hole it, leaving his ball about two inches from the hole.

Andy Sullivan
Andy Sullivan after coming close to a hole-in-one at London Golf Club. Credit: European Tour Youtube Screengrab

He comes similarly close on shot No. 227, and frustratingly says, “No. No. How has that not gone in!? Oh f***. Ah that’s f****** brutal, that is. That is f******* brutal.

“That looked like for love nor money. It had to go in.”

Just three shots later, though, on stroke No. 230, the Englishman strikes gold on what looks like a smooth, but half-ass, swing. After his ball one-hops the pin, and spins back into the bucket, the once-drained Sullivan shifts into fifth gear, and yells, “Yeahhhh!”

He then proceeds to run down the hill, towards the green, screaming and kicking like a mental patient.

Overall, it’s a nicely-produced feature, while the star, Sullivan, comes off as a very likable bloke.

Watch Andy Sullivan Attempt a Hole-in-One

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