Watch Smylie and Justin on the Practice Range… Flipping Water Bottles

Justin Thomas and Smylie Kauffman, part of the famed SBk16, are shown at Oakmont CC. Credit: Justin Thomas

This challenge started with Mike Senator at his Senior high school talent show, where he unexpectedly broke the Internet with his odd, yet on-point, talent and immediately became an Internet sensation.

For something that looks so simple, it’s quite a challenge, as people are starting to figure out.

This hot summer meme is being attempted by everyone and it finally has hit the PGA tour.

The Bryan Bros spotted half of SBk16, Justin Thomas and Smylie Kaufman, practicing their bottle flipping skills on the range at Quicken Loans National.

They definitely need a little more practice!

Who will be next to attempt the Water Bottle Flip Challenge?



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