4 Questions for Justin Thomas at Quail Hollow


Justin Thomas was one of the stars appearing before the media on Wednesday at Quail Hollow Club in advance of the Wells Fargo Championship.

Thomas took and answered several questions, but here are the four we found most interesting:


1. I know you guys, a lot of you guys are good friends, you’re trying to beat each other when you’re playing. I’m just curious where you stand with Rickie at this point. He made a really nice run there at the Masters, came up one shot short. Do you guys ever talk about him trying to get over the line to win a major or is it just something that’s kept in the background? I just wonder your own thoughts on him pulling that off here at some point.

THOMAS: Yeah, he will, it’s just a matter of time. He’s too great of a player and gets himself there too often to not. It’s just, it’s hard.

I mean, it’s not like he’s in a slump by any means. Yeah, he would be the first to tell you that he feels that he should and wishes he had won multiple majors by now. But that’s no reason for him to hang his head. He’s had a lot of great showings and he’s learned a lot. But we never talk about it.

All of us don’t really talk about very much. We’re around golf enough, and when we’re not playing it we want nothing to do with it for the most part. Very seldom are we talking about it. And especially something like that, kind of let it go.


2. Outside of the grasses this week, is there anything different about the way the golf course is playing now as far as setup, pin placements, anything along those lines versus last year at the PGA?

THOMAS: Yeah, the greens are quite a bit different. The greens are very firm and a decent bit slower than the PGA. The balls are going to be bouncing very high on our approach shots into the green.

It’s different.

They take a couple hops and then they check on the shorter irons, but that first hop is a big one. So you need to kind of have some height coming into the greens and some spin on certain shots.

But other than that, I mean, the grasses are completely different, so like you said, you can’t even begin to compare that, but the greens are quite a bit different.


3. At the PGA last year, it was such a bunched leaderboard on the back nine. There were a bunch of pivotal moments for you. Is there one that really sticks out in your mind that you think about a lot like that’s where I won this tournament?

THOMAS: Not on the back nine on Sunday. I had a pretty — I mean, even for me a pretty unbelievable up-and-down on my 17th hole on Thursday that still, if I don’t get that up and down, everything would have been different, it really would have.

I would have gone to 4 over with one to go on one of the hardest holes on the golf course, and if I make par or bogey there, I’m definitely around the cut line and I have to play a great round to make the cut, so might have put some different pressure on myself.

But in terms of Sunday, that chip-in on 13 was pretty sweet.


4. Is there one moment from that PGA Championship win that came rushing back to you when you went out and played the golf course this week?

THOMAS: Yeah, definitely 17. First off, I got in that tee box today and I have no idea how I hit 7-iron from that tee box.

That was like, like what do we have, we have 230 today or 220, and it was 197? I — I just, man, my adrenaline and everything was pumping so hard that shot.

I had a hard time believing that we played that tee box in the PGA. That’s the only hole. I took a picture of that hole today and sent to my parents because it’s the best shot I ever hit in my life, so it’s some pretty special memories on an extremely difficult hole.



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