Golfweek Writer Suggests Rory McIlroy Should Be Above Criticism

Rory McIlroy 2023 Arnold Palmer Invitational
Rory McIlroy reacts on the 17th green during the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill GC on Mar 5, 2023 in Orlando, Fla. (Photo by Michael Reaves via Getty Images)

Eamon Lynch is a golf “writer” for Golfweek. He’s also a character assassin.

For the past year or so he’s smeared and libeled anyone attached to the LIV Golf league. He also regularly props up the tour’s top LIV critics such as Rory McIlroy.

Last week, McIlroy was exposed as a fraud when he withdrew from the RBC Heritage at the last minute. It was McIlroy’s second no-show at an “elevated event.”

McIlroy, more than any player on the PGA Tour, was responsible for tour’s new elevated series of tournaments. Thus, he was roundly criticized for “breaking his own rules,” even by those in the media who regularly puff him up.

Lynch, though, ignored the blatant hypocrisy and suggested McIlroy should be above criticism:

He owes no one an explanation for his decision or the circumstances that influenced it. But whatever else he gains from this week at home, he knows now that being open and accessible with both fans and media didn’t spare him from conjectural criticism simply for exercising his right to occasional privacy.

If you want to know how insanely triggered Lynch is by the very existence of LIV Golf, he bizarrely led off his defense of McIlroy by trashing LIV Golf’s 23-year-old Jediah Morgan.

One can’t fault Morgan for wanting to maximize grifting opportunities before the Crown Prince draws his purse strings closed, but the 23-year-old’s eagerness to expand the schedule is at odds with his semi-retired or almost-knackered colleagues who said that LIV’s appeal was being able to spend more time with their families. At least Morgan will have less idle time in the coming weeks with a roster of events that will take him from Adelaide to Singapore to Tulsa.

Every scheduling decision an elite golfer makes has consequences, though not always proportionate. On Monday, Rory McIlroy withdrew from the RBC Heritage…



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