Jason Day U.S. Open Presser: Being #1 is a Priority

Jason Day answered questions from the press on Tuesday at Oakmont Country Club, in preparation for the 116th U.S. Open. Credit: USGA

Jason Day answered questions from the media on Tuesday, at the USGA-sanctioned press conferences, in preparation of the 116th U.S Open.

The presser was (naturally) broadcast live from Oakmont on Facebook.

The world’s number one ranked golfer said that winning is a huge “priority” in life, right behind the well being of his family.

Here are some of the highlights.

Battling a Cold

“This shouldn’t be news and noteworthy that I’m battling a cold. People ask me how I feel, I usually tell them, and that’s just me being honest. I’m not trying to make any excuses. Usually, I tell people how I prepare. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to prepare Saturday or Sunday, but I feel pretty rested, and I think I’m going to need that rest this week with how tough the golf course is.”

Ranked #1 Is Stressful

I’ve never been more stressed in my life than right now. Being No. 1 in the world, having a lot of expectations, having to practice so hard to keep that No. 1 spot, trying to win as many tournaments … it puts a lot of stress and pressure on your shoulders. Sometimes your immune system gets a little heated, and you’re more susceptible to getting some illnesses that way.”

U.S. Opens Are Stressful… But Different

U.S. Opens are always stressful but it’s just different . . . a kind of pressure stressful situation. You just get out there and it’s like, OK, I’ve just got to somehow survive this week and hopefully it works out. ”

PGA Championship Win Was Most Stressful

“Probably the last day of the PGA was the most stressful that I’ve had, but I felt in control,”

Winning a Huge Priority

My priority right now is to win as much as I can, and that’s just on me. Sooner or later, over time, my priority will change and unfortunately, it just happens that way. But right now, I’m driven to win tournaments just because 10 tournaments that I’ve won are not enough. I need to win more.”

Oakmont Strategy

“I could hit it all day, but that would be the worst game plan in the world. I probably need to hit 3-wood out here a couple of times. More so I’m going to hit irons off the tees, I think. Driver, I think I can only hit it four times maybe, four or five. I mean, I can hit it anywhere I want but that wouldn’t be the greatest game plan in the world.”



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