Reporter To Tiger: Was That an Advil You Popped?

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods apparently popped an Advil on the 9th fairway, and during a press gathering afterwards, a reporter seemed to question the type of medication Tiger ingested.

Asked the inquisitive scribe, “Did you take an Advil at 9 on the fairway?”

Woods replied, “Yeah.”

“Is that just maintenance at this point?” asked the reporter.

Woods shot back, “It’s what my surgeon says to do. He’s good at what he does.”

“What’s his name?,” asked the nosy media member.

“You should already know that by now, all the research,” cracked Woods. ” C’mon now.”

Credits: Getty Images



  1. Tiger Woods must be expected to listen to endless nonsense knowing that if he snaps it will be front page news never mind back page.

    Guy must have the patience of a saint, i know what i would say to the reporter


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