Video: Woods Cites 11-Year-Old Self as “Peak” Tiger

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods during a Q&A session at the Tiger Woods Foundational Junior Invitational. (SG Team TaylorMade Twitter)

For four seasons, from 1999 through 2002, Tiger Woods won an incredible 27 PGA titles, including seven majors. Those four years are considered “Peak Tiger.”

The 2000 campaign, in particular, is widely regarded as the greatest individual season in golf history. The then 24-year-old American won nine PGA Tour titles, highlighted by three consecutive major wins to finish the season. He would go on to win the 2001 Masters, completing what is now known as the Tiger Slam – all four majors in a row.

Yet, according to Woods himself, the “peak” Tiger occurred some thirteen years earlier. In a townhall type event at the Tiger Woods Foundational Junior Invitational, the 46-year-old sports icon joked that his life peaked at the age of 11.

“When I was 11-years-old my life peaked,” said Woods. “I got straight As. I got outstanding for effort and participation.

“I never got posted or in trouble during recess. I won 36 tournaments that summer. I went 36-0.

“By the time I had turned 12, when I was 11, my mum made me donate all my trophies because I had won 113.

“And I think I had the cutest girlfriend. So yes, life peaked at 11.”

H/T: National Club Golfer



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