Watch: Marc Leishman’s Parents Escape Authoritarian Australia, Reunite in Memphis


Marc Leishman’s parents have been unable to see their U.S. based family for over 18 months, ever since the outbreak of the CCP virus (aka COVID-19) which also launched a global strain of authoritarianism.

Australia, formerly an advanced western society, has bizarrely become one of the most repressive places on the planet, on par with North Korea and Cuba – even using the military to lock down its citizens over a virus that’s responsible for 1,000 deaths out of a population of 25.8 million.

The country, which does not have a Bill of Rights, even placed a ban on leaving Australia, using “emergency powers” under something called the Biosecurity Act.

Per The Conversation:

An Australian citizen or permanent resident … must not leave Australian territory as a passenger on an outgoing aircraft or vessel.

In other words, Australians don’t have a constitutional right to leave Australia.

Strict exit bans for citizens are generally associated with authoritarian states, like North Korea and the former USSR. But the Health Department has said the ban is needed because of the burden returning residents place on quarantine arrangements, the health system and testing regimes.

Watch the Leishman Family Reunite



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