Spieth to Curtis Strange: U.S. Open Preparation Is Not What You Think


Yet, Spieth seems totally oblivious, and sticks to the script, talking to Strange as if he’s the guy on the street corner.

Normally, when athletes are interviewed by ex-athletes, you’ll see a mid-talking point correction, saying something like, “…I mean you know, as well as anyone Curtis.”

(Imagine for a second Joe Montana interviewing Tom Brady, and No. 12 tells his fellow 4-time Super Bowl champ what it takes to win the big one – with a straight face.)

Here’s the part I found, well, sort of strange (pun fully intended).

Spieth explains to Strange: “The US Open isn’t all about down-hillers, its those up-hillers too…” You can see Strange’s bill cap nodding up and down, from the side of the screen, with a thought bubble waiting to explode.

You mean like these up-hillers and down-hillers?!


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