After Beating Deadly COVID Virus, Jon Rahm Wins U.S. Open

Jon Rahm Wins 2021 U.S. Open
Jon Rahm celebrates making a putt for birdie on the 18th green during the final round of the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines South Course on June 20, 2021 in San Diego, CA. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey via Getty Images)

Jon Rahm was afflicted with the lethal COVID-19 virus just two weeks ago, and yet just days after being released from a government mandated quarantine (meant to wall off the fatal virus), the 26-year old star miraculously won the U.S. Open.

It may be one of the greatest comebacks in golf since Ben Hogan returned from a near fatal car accident in 1949.

Just think we were a year ago: we locked down the country, we killed the greatest economy in history, we canceled everything – including sports, we changed voting laws to allow mail-in voting – all to avoid the killer virus.

(I mean, if it weren’t a once-in-a-lifetime deadly virus, we would have just focused on protecting the elderly and health-compromised among us while offering guidance on prevention to the healthy, right?)

So for Rahm to overcome what was basically a death sentence is really mind boggling.

“I feel like coming in here without having practiced much relaxed me a little bit,” said Rahm. “I thought, you know what, in case I play bad, I have an excuse.

“I have a bailout in case. I can convince myself, hey, I had COVID.”

And then to win the U.S. Open?

Wow. Absolutely historic!


  1. I just love the sarcasm dripping from Jeff Smith’s article. I believe that Rahm only tested positive for Covid at the Memorial because he had recently taken his first shot, a common occurrence. Plus, those who run pro golf were looking for an example in order to scare vaccine hesitant pros into taking this potentially deadly experimental shot. Jon must have been seething when his sure win at the Memorial was taken from him. But he handled it well as thousands of golf fans got behind him. If there is such a thing as Karma, this is the best example of it I can think of. Congrats, Jon!


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