Ex Golf Channel Star, Holly Sonders, Tees Up New Career as “Model”

Holly Sonders has opened her own website selling photos and videos of her "uncensored" self to paying fans.

Former Golf Channel star Holly Sonders has apparently opened her own version of OnlyFans, a website where fledging (and established) “adult models” sell their own produced content to paying fans.

According to a post at New England Golf, Sonders’ new website has “struck gold” as she’s leveraged her Instagram account of 500,000 followers to pitch her premium (x and xxx) content.

A regular contributor to the popular ‘Morning Drive’ show on Golf Channel, from 2011 -2015, Sonders became one of golf’s most recognizable TV stars.

In 2015, the Michigan State grad moved out to Hollywood for a job with FOX Sports, where fans noticed gradual appearance enhancements and changes that ultimately spilled out (literally) during the 2017 U.S. Open.

The USGA cancelled her after its 2018 edition. FOX Sports gave her the boot in 2019.

Unemployed, and living in Hollywood – amid a pandemic, what’s a then 32-year old girl to do? Well you get more nips, more tucks, and bigger enhancements, then launch your own adult website, selling NSFW content. Of course.

Today, Holly Sonders is a retooled and repurposed 33-year old “model,” who’s nearly unrecognizable from her days in Orlando at Golf Channel.

Stunning. Shocking. And sad (at least for her family).

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