PGA Tour Dragged on Twitter For “Rude” Treatment of Patrons

2023 The Players Suspended
Tweet image sent out by the Players Championship social media team. (SG Twitter)

Due to inclement weather, the PGA Tour suspended the Players Championship yesterday afternoon and then sent out an ill-advised tweet that – to sum it up – basically said, “We’re closed. Get out. No refunds.”

The initial tweet, sent at 4:32 pm (EST), was as generic as can be and should have sufficed: “Play has been suspended for the day.”

A follow up tweet, published about five minutes later, is where things went off the rails: “All venues, grandstands, concession stands and Fan Shop are closed. For guests in hospitality tents, all services – including food and beverage – are now closed, and you are advised to exit the premises as well.

“Tickets and parking are non-refundable. Please see PGA TOUR’s ticket terms and conditions with respect to our refund policy.”

Here’s a sampling of the responses from fans:


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