Quick Scan: Taylormade’s New TP5 Golf Ball


Taylormade has released its new golf ball brand called TP5 (and TP5x). The Carlsbad-based company calls it the “most complete TOUR ball.” And it’s now available in golf shops worldwide.

Both Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm used the TP5x in this weekend’s WGC-Mexico Championship. DJ won while Rahm finished T3.

While the video embedded is more detailed, and gets into some of the weeds, this 9 photo slideshow is pretty easy to consume.


5 Layers

TP5 feature what they’re calling ‘Tri-Fast Core’ (3) and ‘Dual-Spin Cover’ (2) which together combines for the 5-layers of construction.

3-Layer Core

Full Shots: This 3-layer core system in the TP5 and TP5x features a unique compression that delivers the ultimate transfer of energy, which in turn generates top speed on full swings.

Dual-Spin Cover

Wedge Shots: The soft cast urethane cover against a semi-rigid inner-cover creates maximum interaction between the cover and club, resulting in exceptional spin performance and pinpoint control.

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Credit: Taylormade Golf Media



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