Rory McIlroy Accused of Cheating To Win Tour Championship, FedEx Cup

Rory McIlroy Wins 2022 FedEx Cup TOUR Championship
Rory McIlroy celebrates on the 18th green after winning the TOUR Championship at East Lake GC on Aug 28, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Sam Greenwood via Getty Images)

Fans on social media are accusing Rory McIlroy and the PGA Tour of conspiring to hand the controversial star the FedEx Cup title. The infraction in question occurred on the 18th hole when McIlroy air mailed his second shot into the stands, and saw his ball come to a stop alongside the temporary grandstand structure.

According to the rules, a player is allowed a drop if his swing is impeded, yet many fans are saying his swing was not impeded or McIlroy at least didn’t prove it was.

Rory McIlroy Wins 2022 FedEx Cup TOUR Championship
Rory McIlroy looks on over the 18th green during the final round of the TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club on August 28, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

“Rory barely even took a halfa** attempt to see if his swing was impeded,” said one commenter on IG.

“That was a bad drop. He could play that shot,” another chimed in.

“You’d think the tour would at least make him swing to see if it was impeded. They just took his word for it,” said another comment.

“Be sure to watch the angle he was swinging too. He was at about a 45 degrees – not swinging straight back – which makes him almost need no space,” wrote a smart commenter.

“Nice flying it into the grand stands and getting four drops. Then, a place it in the easiest possible position. The tours good ol’ golden boy!,” said another.

“Total bag job. His swing was not impeded. And then four drops to basically tee it up,” added another comment.

“Fishy drop on 18……..don’t believe it, watch it,” another commented.

Oddly, I’ve been unable to find a single video of the shot, ruling and drop.

Here’s a PGA Tour-produced video of Rory’s final-round highlights, and watch how they completely chop out the drops and placement on 18. Unreal.




  1. what a total sham. I knew you guys would cover it. No one else is even talking about it. I’m not a conspiracy guy but anyone find it odd how quick that ruling was called and played. There’s no video of the shot and where it landed and his swing showing it was impeded.
    • It was clearly called from above to not make it a huge issue. Anyone else though with $18 mil on the line they would have reviewed it from every damn angle. And made sure his swing was truly impeded.


  2. Wow! Can’t beLieve someone is talking about this BS scam. It’s a massive scandal. We need to see the tape and it needs to be discussed. They (nbc) whitewashed this so fast during telecast it made me suspicious.

    * Rory McIlroy is a cheater and a fraud until he addresses issue!

    • Yes. NBC couldn’t move on from that quick enough. Normally they’d have every angle and bring in the rules official for confirmation and whatnot. I believe they gave McIlroy an unplayable immediately and didn’t even question it.

      Azinger I think did say it was the best lie he’s ever seen in that area after McIlroy basically fluffed it up on a thick section of grass. But no one followed up with a comment, which meant “move on fellas.”

      It’s sad that Rory will now forever have an asterisk next to his name on this win. Nutso!


  3. Denny Yoho nailed it in my opinion. Isn’t the ball to be placed exactly where it is dropped on the 2nd drop?  The 2nd drop went straight to the ground, and was deep.  He finished placing it maybe 2 or 3 inches from where it hit…and conveniently ON TOP….Not! where it was dropped!
    • Yes. That’s what I’ve learned today. The PGA Tour won’t answer me and thinks I’m just being my usual biased pain in the butt self.

  4. Maybe that same official who somehow just so happened to be watching a late midnight replay of Cameron’s Smiths drop at the St. Jude will somehow be watching a late midnight showing of the ruling on 18 today and ask for a 2 stroke penalty tomorrow????? We all know the answer. Not gonna happen. It’s almost too obvious what the PGA is doing these days. Sham!

  5. Enemies , Rory did nothing wrong, u play de rules to ur advantage, he took it , he called for a relief and was given , whats ur headache
    • Golf is suppose to be a game of integrity.  Players often have called penalties on themselves when no one is watching.  If I KNOW a rule, and someone allows me to break it….How is that not on me?  The rule says…….”Placing a ball on the spot where the ball dropped the second time first touched the ground.”   I suspect Rory knows the rule…Rule 14-3, section c.  If you want to drop a ball in a spot so it bounces or rolls out of the relief area to get ball in hand…. go for it.  BUT, you must first try to place it where it first touches the ground, and he NEVER did that.  Watch the 2nd drop in slow motion, and watch where he FIRST tries to place the ball.  The penalty for playing from a wrong place is 2 shots.
  6. Rule 20-2A clearly states how to drop the ball and after dropping it if it need to be placed IT MUST BE PLACED IN THE EXACT spot where the second drop hit the ground.  His actions after that is where the VIOLATIONS occurred.

    Violation #1 – Once the balled was placed, it is not to be touched, removed or replaced!!!!!

    Violation #2 – Turned in an incorrect scorecard.

    Rory know this rule and so does the official.  The Conduct (PCP) policy does not exempt players from abiding by the rules.

    FOIA request for video of the incident can be requested


    • Interesting. Didn’t know you could do a FOIA request for a private entity? Thought it was government. If true, I’m on it.



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