With Lifetime Ban Threat, PGA Tour Stars Talk Down Super Golf League

Justin Thomas (left) and Rory McIlroy during the 2019 Tour Championship at East Lake GC in Atlanta, GA. Credit: Getty Images

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan threatened players with a lifetime ban if they were to join the new Premier Golf League, according to sources.

A lifetime ban means a lifetime ban.

It means your career is essentially over if the startup league doesn’t pan out.

Rumors also had Monahan suggesting that players’ sponsor deals could be in jeopardy as the PGA Tour is reportedly working to blackball any current “partners” who even consider working with new league, including manufacturers and broadcasters.

One player texted: “He [Monahan] is scared to death of this new league.”

So when you see the PGA Tour’s state-run media tweet things like this:

Or write things like this: “That’s why the strong language of McIlroy, Thomas and Simpson matters.”

Or when you hear top stars talk like this:
“I haven’t heard anything personally, so again, I don’t have much interest,” said world No. 2 Justin Thomas. “I love it out here on the PGA Tour, and we’re very fortunate to get to go to some unbelievable places and play for a lot of money and have an opportunity to grow our brands and grow the game of golf.

“I’m very content and very happy with everything how it’s going here.”

Remember. Monahan is publicly threatening expulsion and career ruination. Are these players then expected to run to the cameras and say, ‘yeah count me in?’

Of course not. These are essentially hostage quotes.


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