Tiger Woods Calls the USGA Fiasco “Awful”

Tiger Woods, as the host of the Quicken Loans National, continued to voice his displeasure over the USGA fiasco at the U.S. Open. Credit: Getty

The event was on broadcast live on Facebook.

Tiger keyed in on the USGA fiasco among other topics.

Q: “Were you watching (U.S. Open)?”

Tiger: “I was watching.”

Q: “What did you think?”

Tiger Woods on USGA:It was awful, to do that not only to Dustin but to the entire field who had a chance to win the tournament. No one had a clue. I understand in the NBA, NFL you go back and replay things but it is more for finds. But this determines outcome, and I just don’t understand it.”

Tiger had previously voiced his thoughts on Twitter about the USGA ruling:

Basically, Tiger is thinking: Make Golf Fun Again.

Q: “Tiger, for golf fans around the world, cant wait to see you back out there competing again. How ya feeling?”

Tiger: “I am making progress. I am trying to get back out here. Working my tail off each and everyday. Whether it’s in gym, biking, or swimming I am working hard and I have gotten by body fat down to where I would like to have it down to. I have gotten my strength up where I would like to have it. I just need to build and recover daily from the grind. 500-800 shots a day while we are out there practicing. To be able to do that on a daily basis, then my tournament golf — I need to get that more conditioned.”



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