Watch Bryson DeChambeau’s Most Unique Golf Swing

Bryson DeChambeau has one of the most unique golf swings on the PGA Tour. Credit: FOX Sports

The key difference is that Bryson swings the club on a single plane through the entire process. The backswing starts on one plane and the downswing returns to the ball on the very same plane.

In this short video clip, Bryson’s swing is shown in slo-mo, teeing off at the Australian Open.

This lengthier video shows Bryson talking about his unique journey with the single plane golf swing, scientifically referred to as the Zero Shifting Motion, and made famous by Moe Norman (“your mind’s a generator, your body ‘s a motor, club face is a trigger, golf ball’s a bullet… now aim and fire”).

Amazingly, Bryson’s irons are all the same length and weight. This allows him to maintain the same spine angle and distance from the ball with all irons.

Bryson has his clubs custom made by Edel Golf.

The grips are also unique on Bryson’s set. He uses Jumbo Max grips.


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